Downsizing and Moving Made Easy

Some Simple Tips to Make Moving Easier
Senior couple packing and downsizing to move to a senior living communityDid you know that there’s an upside to downsizing? No, really. Moving from a large house to a smaller space shouldn’t be something you worry about. In fact, it’s a reason to get excited. Moving to a smaller space is your chance to declutter and prioritize the things that matter most. When you downsize to a home that makes more physical and financial sense for your retirement lifestyle, what you give up in square footage is made up for in free time to enjoy doing the things you really love. And there’s a lot to love about a Life Care community like Friendship Village Tempe.

A lot of people find that getting over the idea of downsizing for seniors is often the hardest part of the whole moving process. Once you’ve embraced the change to a low-maintenance lifestyle, you’ll see that you’re free to do so much more in a community like ours when you have a lot less to worry about. Follow these helpful hints to get you over the hurdle and under the spell of downsizing to a senior apartment in Tempe, Arizona.

The sooner you start downsizing , the better. Ideally, a window of about three months should be plenty of time from start to finish. Don’t get discouraged if you find that organizing and packing takes a little longer that you expected. You’ll still be far ahead of the game, especially if you’ve properly planned in advance.

No home can be fully sorted through and packed up in a single weekend or even a few days. Downsizing can often take longer than a normal move, because not everything you own will be traveling with you to the next destination. There are steps to take along the way, and even some goodbyes that need to be said to items that may hold sentimental value. Set aside time with objects you’ve held dear to really decide whether or not they’re worth keeping. Planning those kinds of diversions into your schedule will help the whole process feel less hurried and hectic. Take your time. If you’re not rushed, you’re not stressed.

How big is your current place? How big is your new place? The numbers don’t lie. Some objects simply won’t make the cut. Look at floor plans to figure out which rooms you’ll have in your new home (bedroom, kitchen, living room) and start the downsizing decision process there. This life hack helps you save time by focusing on the most essential rooms first to see what will fit. Start with the big items like furniture and work your way down in size (see what we did there?).

Floor plans aren’t just helpful for deciding what’s staying and going, but for taking a closer look and deciding where things will go. Use them to help you better visualize how your new home will look. A list of what goes where always helps. You’ll be so glad you didn’t wait until after you’ve moved to realize that the end table you couldn’t leave behind is taking up far more real estate than it’s worth.

Friends and family will likely be there to physically help you declutter and prepare for life in a smaller space. Get guidance from someone you trust, because they can be equally important to your decision-making process. If you simply can’t come to a conclusion over a particular object, get an objective opinion.

An honest friend nearby is invaluable. Not only can they lend a helping hand, but they can offer an ear to your concerns or even a shoulder to cry on when saying goodbye to treasured items. An outside perspective will help you see the whole picture a little more clearly, so you can ease over any emotional speed bumps you may encounter along the way.

The Moon Jar is a children’s book about money that teaches readers to divide their earnings into three separate jars: Spend, Save and Share. A modified version of this can be easily applied to downsizing . Organize your items into bins as you go along, labeling them Keep, Sell or Donate. This sorting method adds a new level of efficiency to your decluttering efforts.

However, don’t be tempted to add a fourth “Maybe” bin. “Maybe” is a four-letter word when it comes to organization, because maybe you’ll end up getting rid of that decorative lantern, or maybe you’ll talk yourself out of it at the last second. Before you know it, that Maybe bin will be filled with two or three times as many objects as Sell or Donate. There are always people who can use the things that you don’t. You’ll get great joy from giving things away.

There’s no denying it, this is an emotional process. The things we accumulate throughout life hold
meaning. Because of this, it may be helpful to begin your process with a short list of items you can’t live without. That way, if you keep what’s on the list, whatever isn’t won’t be quite as hard to lose.

While some items mean a lot to us, others simply don’t. These are things like the 10 mixing bowls in your cupboard. In fact, the kitchen is often home to some of the least sentimental items. If you’re moving to a community with great dining options like Friendship Village Tempe, you probably won’t spend as much time in the kitchen anyway. Go back to Step 2 and start in the room your new home will definitely have by getting rid of the items that hold the least value.

For anything else that still stirs up emotion but didn’t make the must-have list, think about people you love who may appreciate taking them home. Downsizing is as good a time as any to start thinking about legacy giving, like letting your daughter finally have the grandfather clock she always loved. Or giving your grandson the tools you won’t need anymore in your new maintenance-free community. Use this process as a way to bond with family and friends by reminiscing over items as you come across them. You’ll soon see that this is another in the long string of memories you’ve all made together in this place — a perfect way to prepare for all the new memories you’ll make in your new home.

Let’s get moving!
As hard as moving may seem, choosing to live in a fun-loving, maintenance-free senior living community like Friendship Village Tempe makes it all worthwhile. Contact us today to learn more about our Life Care Community. We can even provide you with the names of local moving specialists to help everything go a little more smoothly. Let us tell you more over lunch or during a tour! Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.