Life Care Community in Tempe, AZ

Life Care. Life changing.

Once you have it, you’re at a tremendous advantage.

Life Care is a comprehensive long-term care plan with surprising financial benefits. Life Care ensures access to assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care — if you ever need it, for as long as you need it. Care is provided on our campus, at predictable rates, which protects your family and estate from the rising costs of long-term care. You’ll also have access to rehab services, conveniently provided on site.

Making Life Care even more attractive, we offer a variety of entrance fees, to help you choose the option that works for you and provides estate preservation for your family.

It’s amazing how enjoyable today can be, when you know there’s a plan in place for tomorrow.

And by the way, we’re the only Life Care community in the East Valley and in Tempe.

Entrance fees start at $199,600 and include all the benefits of Life Care. We offer several contracts to meet your financial situation and long-term goals. To discuss our contract options, contact us.

Frequently asked questions about Life Care

Life Care is a financial contract and plan that provides all the services and amenities of independent living, with lifetime access to a continuum of care. At Friendship Village Tempe, this includes assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care. All the care is provided on our campus, removing the need for disruptive moves if needs ever change.

Yes. You can choose from two plans depending on your financial goals. The Traditional Plan requires the least capital investment. If you ever decide to move from the community, a portion of your original entrance fee may be refunded, depending upon your length of residency. Under the Traditional Plan, there is no return of entrance fee to your estate.

The Return of Capital™ Plan refunds 80 percent of your initial entrance fee to you or your estate, regardless of your length of residency at Friendship Village Tempe.

Contact us today to learn about the full benefits of Life Care at Friendship Village Tempe.