Retirement community in Tempe, AZ

Made in the shade, under the Arizona sun.

Back in the 1970s Arizona was — we’re winking at you — a desert. Not much here but sun, sand and sky. Then a few residents had a hot idea: a community in the Phoenix area where older adults could secure their future needs while keeping their sense of adventure. Enter Life Care Services, a leader in senior living, to help us realize the dream.

By 1980, Friendship Village Tempe was one of the first continuing care retirement communities in the region. To this day, our community is managed by Life Care Services and a not-for-profit board of directors.

What makes us unique? This is the good stuff.

Since our inception, we’ve evolved. Good ideas became great in practice. A nice place to retire is now a wonderful lifestyle for residents.

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We’ve created this special place by building on four pillars.

Life Care
It comes with everything, including the guarantee of long-term care, peace of mind and a spring in one’s step.

Top-shelf hospitality
We open doors. We serve with a smile. We treat residents as if we work inside their home, which we do.

8 Dimensions of Wellness
We put everything in place for a happy, healthy life. Feel good, live long, whistle your favorite tunes.

Open arms
The cheerful brew of acceptance and fun cooked up by wonderful residents is both terrific and unique. You simply won’t find a finer bunch of folks to make friends with than the people who call Friendship Village home.

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Meet Cole Marvin, Executive Director