8 Dimensions of Wellness

Whole-person happiness. It just feels good.

To improve overall zest for living, the one thing you can do is … everything. And whatta you know, we offer it.

Our one-of-a-kind wellness program is built seamlessly into the lifestyle. At our community, feeling good is infused in the lifestyle.

Here’s our 8 Dimensions of Wellness:

PhysicalMobility, balance, activity and diet
Work with the trainer at The Kelly Family Fitness Center. Swim a few laps in our heated outdoor pool. Walk the neighborhood. Eat right. It’s all so right-here for you.

SpiritualPeace, faith, meditation
Discover the uplifting fellowship of community living. Take part in religious programs, worship and other opportunities for spiritual exploration.

EmotionalBelonging, contentment, stability
Emotional balance improves all aspects of life. Our culture is supportive to all, including groups to help others cope during life’s rough patches.

IntellectualBrain fitness classes, discussion groups, organized games
Stay sharp with programs that stimulate short-term memory, long-term memory, critical thinking and language skills.

VocationalInvolvement and contribution
Your talents never lose value. Give your sense of purpose a new outlet, through volunteerism on campus and with outside associations.

SocialEngagement, cooperation and fun
Laughter is best when shared. Companionship improves any adventure. Life at Friendship Village is filled with welcoming neighbors and social opportunities.

EnvironmentalGo green, help Mother Earth
It feels good to actively care for our planet. Community programs include recycling and other sustainable efforts.

Health ServicesScreenings, health fairs, hearing aid clinic, on-site lab services, seminars
You’ll live in a community where you’ll easily navigate the levels of available care, while we provide the support you need to keep healthy at home.

Contact us to learn the full benefits of our 8 Dimensions of Wellness, then check out how they’re incorporated in our wellness program.

The Kelly Family Fitness Center

Strength, stamina and a spring in your step

The path to health and happiness begins at the fitness center. Many start with a Senior Fitness Test, a baseline of overall physical wellness. From there, you can set goals and measure progress – either working with one of our Certified Personal Trainers to create a customized plan, or using the fitness center on your own.

Seasoned gym-goers will recognize the fitness center as a state-of-the-art workout hub, with senior-specific equipment and Certified Personal Trainers. For those who need a little help getting started, we offer orientation, with one-on-one appointments that’ll help you become familiar with the fitness center and all its offerings.

Because there’s no limits on feeling good, the Kelly Family Fitness Center is open 24/7.

Available Services at the fitness center include:

  • Senior Fitness Test
  • Orientation and classes
  • Aging in Motion personal training
  • Outpatient physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic services
  • Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine