Seven Siblings Served in World War II.

As World War II raged, countless mothers and fathers held their collective breath, hoping to be reunited with their children – soldiers and nurses serving overseas. While many dealt with the tragedy of loved ones who never returned, Bruce Watson and his six siblings were among the fortunate ones who made it home alive. Watson, now a resident of Friendship Village Tempe, an area senior living community, grew up with his five brothers and one sister on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. When the war broke out, all heard the call of service.

“One brother was a combat engineer, two were marines at Guadalcanal; another was at Normandy on D-Day; my sister was a nurse state side; and one other brother was in the Army Medical Corps,” says Watson, the only sibling still living. “I was in the Aleutian Islands. We all served our country with pride.”

Watson’s fellow residents at Friendship Village have had the pleasure of viewing the scrapbook he’s put together; detailing his and his siblings’ service during the war. It’s filled with newspaper articles, letters, photographs and keepsakes.


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