Meet the Boomers – The Changing Face of Senior Living Is Here to Stay

What’s in a generation? Quite a bit if you talk with sociologists, who’ve been fascinated with the group commonly known as Baby Boomers since the post-World War II explosion of births in the United States. The generation broke trends, from counterculture activities in the 1960s to family and career life. Now the expectation is that they’ll do the same when it comes to retirement.

Here at Friendship Village Tempe, the first wave of retired Boomers is already altering the landscape – literally. New casitas on campus are currently occupied by younger seniors, who say the community’s forward-thinking approach to everything from fine dining to activities and amenities appeals to their generation’s way of thinking about retirement.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide the best retirement experience, so we certainly keep a keen eye toward the future,” said Cole Marvin, executive director at Friendship Village. “The Baby Boomers and beyond naturally have different retirement expectations than past generations. It’s more important than ever to be up to date with the latest offerings, or risk being left behind.”

Accordingly, Friendship Village recently added a Chief Information Officer to its leadership team to help steer innovation at the community. Other features such as farm-to-fork dining, which focuses on local, fresh, homemade ingredients, have also been adopted to add value for current and future residents. Residents are also enjoying the new sports lounge, which is drawing a great crowd.

“Helping seniors maintain an independent spirit with open arms is always top of mind,” added Marvin. “We take a comprehensive approach in doing so, ensuring every aspect of our community meets the needs of the modern senior.”