Expand Your Outlook by Downsizing to a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment

There should really be a different word for the act of downsizing when we retire. It sounds so negative, so difficult, so defeated. When in reality it’s freeing!

It’s like exercising the ghosts of our past. Eliminating stuff we no longer need. Things that are just getting in the way of the kind of rich collective of experiences we all hope to find when we retire. Because underneath all our possessions is a new outlook on life just waiting to see the light of day.

That’s the benefit of downsizing for seniors. And when we recognize that, we start to understand that downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment at the right senior living community can change our lives.

So what are the benefits of downsizing?

We’ve spent our lives being told that “bigger is better.” That the accumulation of physical possessions is a sign of wealth and importance. That smaller means weaker. And that just enough is never enough.

Well, we happen to believe that wealth should be measured by experiences not expense. That choosing the right personal space opens us up to expansive interpersonal relationships. The kind you’ll find right here at Friendship Village at Tempe. Here are just a few of the other benefits you’ll enjoy from one of our one-bedroom apartments:

  • You’ll save money
    Money isn’t everything, but when we retire, it is important to manage our finances so they deliver the best return. For us, that means a return to a life filled with laughter, new experiences and newfound friendships. All of which you’ll find outside your individual senior apartment. Why spend money on extra bedrooms you’ll never use? Better to put that extra savings towards an added adventure.
  • You’ll create the perfect homebase 
    A one-bedroom apartment at the right senior living community is more like a huge bedroom suite. Your kitchen and dining room are one of the many dining venues the community has to offer. Here at Friendship Village Tempe, you’ll enjoy The Embers Lounge, Village Café, Courtyard Buffet and the Fireside Restaurant.

    Also right outside your door, you’ll find pickleball courts, a woodshop, fitness center, computer lab, three libraries, a theater room and much more. You’d be hard-pressed to fit all that into your current home, we imagine. And of course, here you won’t be responsible for any of the maintenance.
  • You’ll Change Your Whole Outlook on Life
    Downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment means getting rid of the clutter — mentally and physically. It means opening yourself up to living a simpler lifestyle. But don’t equate simpler with boring. We’re talking about the kind of life where your needs are catered to. Where everything you need is within reach. Where friends and fun await you every day. That’s what we call a rich life. You’ll just call it another day here at Friendship Village Tempe.

Why Choose a One-Bedroom Apartment at Friendship Village Tempe?

If you’re considering downsizing to a one-bedroom senior apartment, Friendship Village Tempe is a great option. Why? Oh, we’re so glad you asked!

  • Our one-bedroom apartments are spacious and comfortable.
    At Friendship Village Tempe, we live large. Check out our awesome variety of floor plans, and you’ll instantly see that a one-bedroom here isn’t your typical downsizing experience.
  • Our one-bedroom apartments included all the latest amenities.
    From walk-in closest to balconies and everything in between. Just because it’s a one-bedroom doesn’t mean you have to narrow your expectations. Heck, we’ve even got ideas to help you make your move.
  • Our community is designed for free spirits and unique individuals.
    Boredom is not in our vocabulary here at Friendship Village Tempe. Neither is loneliness. You’ll be surrounded by fun people who love to live life to the fullest.

Ready to expand your outlook?

If you’re interested in checking out the sweet one-bedroom apartments here at Friendship Village Tempe, contact us today. We love to show off, and we’ll gladly show you around our community and answer any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you!