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Tempe Senior Living in Phoenix, Arizona Area

The retirement community where fun meets peace of mind.

You enjoy life, and it shows. Meeting new people and exploring new places excites you. You don’t worry about containing your enthusiasm. The future feels like the biggest gift you ever received – just waiting to be unwrapped.

Don’t wait another second to learn what our retirement community has in store for you! In Tempe, with good neighbors Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale nearby, this growing East Valley community located near the ASU campus is alive with activity and full of friendly faces. It’s a place where you can pursue senior living on your own terms, confident in the continuing care a Life Care community provides.

An Exciting Future Is Unfolding

Call (480) 831-5000 or toll-free (800) 824-1112 to schedule a visit and tour of our retirement community in Tempe. Or complete our Contact Us form.

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