People keep talking about us.

Before choosing our community, residents had the same questions you may have. Now they’re talking. Hear it all – what they’ve experienced here and why they’re so happy with their decision.

Here are a few words from our residents for our response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

I’ll always remember the day that our first delivered meal came and there was a little card that said “Every day may not be good, but there will be something good every day.” We are really well cared for, even under these very unusual circumstances. We don’t feel that we are being locked down and deprived of much of anything.

Margie Eringis

One of the things that is important to me is the way management has addressed COVID-19. We have had meals delivered twice a day and the meal that comes in the afternoon includes a breakfast item or two so that’s been fabulous. They have provided masks for us to wear as we go about the Village, they have been very careful to allow no visitors, and staff are checked regularly as they approach The Village every day, so management has done an excellent job at taking care of us.

Dick Tucker

We here at Friendship Village Tempe, coming all the way from the top, have been totally proactive with one goal of keeping us safe and healthy. This is a very social community and as we started into this they were very aware of the fact that isolating 850 adults was probably not the easiest thing because we would get bored – we’re used to interacting with people, we’re used to taking care of our bodies and so many other things. So the social events had to be stopped however we have gotten very creative. Many activities are now on video on our on-campus TV station. Now the nice thing about putting these activities on the TV is that we have had a lot of people who did not participate in these activities before because they were tied down to their living and now they can put it on in the comfort of their home. It’s given the opportunity for participation to a lot of people who really didn’t feel like they had it because of mobility issues.

Margie Eringis

I have been an active resident of Friendship Village Tempe for 13 years. When our executive director Cole Marvin mentioned plans for an in-house nurse practitioner office, I was initially a little skeptical, even though it was a value-added service with no increase in my monthly fees. But now I am a grateful believer! Last Wednesday I had questionable symptoms overnight. First thing in the morning, I called our nurse-practitioner office. Within an hour, one of the nurse practitioners came to our apartment, took my temperature, and administered a COVID-19 test. Because she and I were both concerned about my lungs, she contacted my primary care physician for an x-ray referral. In less than an hour they had arranged for an x-ray to be done that morning in my apartment! They all followed through so efficiently that I had a satisfactory x-ray report within just a few hours after my initial call. Amazing service, right here on our own independent-living campus!

David Seaman, Ph.D.

“We have four children all living out of state, each of whom has cared for in-laws as they aged. We feel our moving to Friendship Village Tempe with its Life Care advantage will be a valued gift of love, time and money for them.”

Ben & Shari Thompson

“We’ve been here 17 years, and have probably done everything Friendship Village Tempe has to offer. From the caring people to the friendly, open staff, we love it here.”

Frank & Joan White

“My mother and her older sister both lived here and loved it, which made the decision for me to move here an easy one. I think if you asked most residents here, they’d say they wish they’d arrived a little earlier. The best time to plan is a year before you think you need to.”

Bob Crawford

“The most outstanding thing about Friendship Village Tempe is the lifelong security of being surrounded by efficient, friendly staff and wonderful, supportive residents.”

Jo Anne Crawford

“What first attracted me to Friendship Village Tempe was the friendly, open and positive environment throughout. Since moving here, I’ve joined the book club and taken up pottery, and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Betty Anne Turner

“I’ve made more new friends in my first month here at Friendship Village Tempe than I did in the previous 10 years before I came here. I’ve gotten involved with the Welcome Committee, the Marketing Support Committee, working in the woodshop, and more.”

Ben Thompson