For Line Cook James Bassett, Friendship Village Tempe is Synonymous with Redemption

Open arms. It’s one of the pillars that sets Friendship Village Tempe apart from other senior living communities. For our residents, it means a place where friendships blossom, possibilities are endless and compassion has no end. A few years ago, one of our line cooks, James Bassett, found out what open arms means to him.

“I’d made some choices in my life that left me on the verge of being homeless,” says Bassett. “Then a friend suggested I apply for a job here at Friendship Village. That was the best decision I’ve ever made, or ever will make.”

Bassett says he went from nearly hopeless to hopeful almost overnight. The atmosphere here at our community changed his outlook on life as he built strong relationships with residents through his daily interactions.

“The people here, from the residents to my wonderful coworkers, made me a more positive person,” he says. “That positivity had a snowball effect that changed everything for me.”

Since he started at Friendship Village Tempe, James has been named “Employee of the Month” and “Employee of the Year.” As for the close bonds he builds with residents, one such bond led to something unexpected, as he got to know the daughter of one resident. In time, they were engaged and have been married just over a year.

“I think about where I was a few years ago, and where I’m at today and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude,” says Bassett. “Friendship Village gave me so many reasons to change my life. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I hadn’t gotten the call telling me I was hired.”

Open arms. Here at Friendship Village, it’s much more than just something we say. It’s who we are.