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Tempe Independent Living in Phoenix, Arizona Area

The Phoenix-area senior living community that awakens your senses

The moment you arrive at Friendship Village Tempe, you’ll notice an energy that permeates the atmosphere. Activities abound and there’s laughter in the air. You’ll instantly feel at home.

Friendship Village is Phoenix-style senior living, near Mesa and Scottsdale in the East Valley. With maintenance-free independent living, everyone can spend more time mingling in social areas such as the Village Center and enjoying their favorite hobbies. And there are plenty of new neighbors – chances are all that stands between you and a new friend is a hearty handshake.

Future health care needs — should they ever crop up — are handled readily and with compassion, you can be sure, with our continuing care options.

Take a look at our community map. Or check out our different residency options available.

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